5 Of The Most Popular Dorm Room Design Ideas for Guys

Dorm Room Ideas For Men Generally, dorm room ideas for men refers to the kind of arrangement that a man makes in his dorm room for his studies. Most often, a dorm room consists of just a single room, which most often, has a lone twin bed, a few twin chairs, and a small single dresser at the side. In some dorm rooms, the dormitories have two parts: the women’s dorm and the men’s dorm. Men in these kinds of dormitories usually share a bedroom with a girl or two. The girls usually live in separate rooms.

However, guys who are in these kinds of dorm rooms could also have a minimalist type. This is to provide them much more space to study. Minimalistic dorm room ideas for guys generally have two to three drawers for files, books, or references. A guy could choose to decorate his dorm room similar to this. He can place a bookshelf here and a desk there, for example.

Another form of minimalistic dorm room for guys would be the dorm room with a storage box. This storage box could have as many shelves as needed to house all his possessions. To save space, this storage box could be huddled with papers, pens, books, files, etc. Under the box, however, he could place his computer tower, printer, cable box, etc.

A third form of dorm room for guys could be one with a lot of storage space. This is the so-called executive dorm room or office. It has enough storage space to hold his office equipment, including his computer and printer. Under the bed could be placed on his rug or carpet, a study table, and his coat-holder. Under his cabinet, he can put his DVD player, his TV set, his overhead desk organizer, and anything else that he needs. This dorm room idea for him includes his comfy office chair.

The fourth form of dorm room ideas for guys are modern dorm room designs with lots of space. He can go for the executive style dorm rooms with a hodgepodge of desks and cabinets and little drawers. Under the bed, he can place his computer tower, printer, cable box, and his coat-holder. This dorm room design for him includes a comfortable office chair.

The fifth and last form of dorm room ideas for guys houses with high loft beds. These types of dorm room designs are especially created for students who come from a lower economic background. The loft bed gives them the opportunity to have a spacious dorm room without having to spend too much. Under the couch, they can place his comfy study chair and his desk. If he would really like to have a hip dorm room design, he can use a high loft bed that comes with an actual ladder so that he can access the top bunk.

The fifth and most popular dorm room design ideas for guys are those which do not have any dorm room essentials. This type of dorm room design for him includes a house that has all the things that he actually needs to survive. Some examples of these include a study table, his personal refrigerator, his TV set, and his bookcase. This means that he will have to improvise a little bit on his own in order to survive.

In conclusion, dorm room ideas for guys have plenty of options. These are perfect if he wants to maximize his space and make it as functional as possible. He can also choose to live in a dorm that comes with unique furnishings or one that is similar to what other guys in his community are living in. It is important to note though that these designs should be customized according to the preferences of the guy in question.