8 Ways To Spice Up Your Bedroom With Decoration

There are many different ways to set your bedroom apart without re-doing it altogether. From luxurious throw cushions and bedside tables to vintage-style mirrors and an array of bright bedspreads, these 10 bedroom décor ideas will transform your bedroom into a cozy space with a bit of extra character.

Hang Strings of Fairy Lights

Take a piece of rope, paint it in a mural of fairy lights and hang it around your bedroom, or even around the outside of the house. Once the lights have been strung, you can change the color of the rope as the lights fade out and appear.

This effect can be repeated, simply changing the color of the rope each time the lights flash on and off. You can create a completely different lighting effect for each room in your home, or experiment and see how you like it.

Switch To Pendant Lighting

Create a space you will always want to spend time in by hanging your pendant lights in a particular place in your room. The purpose of the light is to add some light in your home and also to make it inviting and welcoming. Use a neutral color for the background and pick your pendant lights to coordinate with the bedhead.

Paint Your Room

Paint walls in a neutral color and add bright cushions and throws. For a more modern look, take the wood paneling out of your bedroom and install birch paneling instead. This will give your room a more modern feel and will help you add the extra depth you need to really make it feel different.

The use of red, yellow and orange will help to provide your space with a pop of color. If you are unsure how to create a room that is dark and cozy, give your wall space a distressed finish. Use a dark background on a bright wall – the opposite of what is usually done with wallpaper. This will give your room an element of surprise.

To add depth and interest, create unique shapes and designs with the birch wood panels. It’s a cheap and easy way to make your room feel unique.

Refresh Your Bed

In a guest bedroom, create a soft contrast and create an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your home. Swap your bed for a bench and change your bedding to natural and neutral linen and cotton. Keep the furniture simple to create the soft and simple look. Try investing in a bedside table that doubles as a lamp – no need to buy another lamp!

Choose vibrant red, yellow or orange fabrics for your bed or simply on curtains or throw pillows for a fresh, youthful look. As this is a textile, it will survive the wash so won’t shrink, and the modern color also works with any sort of décor. Linen sheets and bedding look great teamed with cushions and throws, or simply draped over a simple wooden frame for a traditional look.

Adding An Area Rug

Make a small area rug in a bold color for under your bed. It will keep your feet warm, which is especially important during winter when you will be more likely to be lying in bed to get extra sleep. A rug will give you the extra floor height and provide a great focal point in your bedroom.

Upcycle An Old Picture Frame

Add a warm vintage touch to your bedroom with a picture frame re-purposed as a mirror. As the frame is quite thin, add plenty of texture to it by using a tactile colour on your textile by mixing the fabric with your textiles. This will give your rug a little bit of depth.

Create A Cozy Reading Nook

Make your bed a comfortable reading nook by having a low bench along one side of your bed. The bench gives you somewhere to sit comfortably, while the floor cushion doubles up as a cushion for your feet. You can turn the cushion and the table around the other way if you don’t like the way it looks.

Alternatively, you can place the table on one of your window sills or on a large pillar in the room. These pieces of furniture and accessories have all been created with their use in mind, so don’t worry about re-doing them every time you have guests.

Add A Twist For Your Bedside Table

Pick a vintage style mirror and see if you can add a touch of that element of glamour to your bedroom. The mirror will let light in, so it will not be too bright in your bedroom. Frame it with a ribbon and have it on your wall so it stands out as a bit of art. If you want it to be on a shelf, you can use a mini-optical bolt to hang it. Once the fabric is dirty, simply clean it and then hang the mirror back up to become a display piece.

If you have not been brave enough to try living the loft bedroom before, there is no need to fret. With some simple decorating tips and a bit of creativity, you can create a home that will put a smile on your face all year round.