Cute Dorm Room Ideas For College Students

Pink Dorm Room Ideas is very popular among college students. It is simply because this color represents womanhood, and most colleges have a mascot for the school. The Delta Dormouse is a good example of how a college can showcase a mascot. In addition to the Delta Dormouse, you can also find other pink decorations in schools. Some examples of these are:

Paint Brings – A great pink dorm room ideas come in the form of paintbrushes. A paintbrush can be placed right in your bedroom, or you can get one with a handle so that it can be hung. You can use these to paint not only on your wall but also your ceiling, doors, and windows. A paintbrush can create a wonderful design that makes any college dorm room unique and charming.

Loft Bedroom Ideas – A loft bed is another way to add color to any dorm room. This is especially helpful when you only have a little space. One example of pink dorm room ideas for the loft bed is to paint it pink. A curtain can be added to the loft, which will give the appearance that the bed is a loft. You can then place a bunch of pink tissue on the floor, and on top of the bed. This will give it a cute feminine touch that is sure to make your roommate smile every time she sees it.

Bunk Beds – Another great way to use color in a dorm room is to paint the bunks. Most of the bunk beds at colleges are the same size. Therefore, you can easily use one of the same colors or bolder ones. Some pink dorm room ideas include using red, zebra, white, and black to create a unique design. These colors are great for a fun and unique look that is sure to get a lot of looks from your friends and roommates.

Cabinets and Corrugated Boxes – If you already have a few items that need to be stored in your dorm room, such as books and clothing, then it might be time to replace them with new items that are more colorful. For example, you could purchase a cute storage chest or even build your own out of cedar or redwood. Just find a cedar color that you like, such as mauve, sand, white, or brown. To spice things up even more, paint the tops of the boxes with the same accent colors that you chose for the loft bed. Then screw on some hanging shelves or corrugated boxes to save space.

Wall Art and Floor Tile -These are two ideal dorm room decorating ideas that are not expensive at all. A nice frame with art can be found almost anywhere, from college bookstores to online auction sites. There are many different types of art available, including watercolors to portraits. All you need to do is frame it in order to hang it on the wall and match the colors of the wall to the artwork you purchased.

Accessories, Paintings, and Decorations -These are also ideal dorm room ideas and are very inexpensive when you compare them to other decorating styles. For example, purchasing a few bottles of paint and brushes will give you lots of room to decorate. You could also get some cheap canvas prints to hang over the door as well as on various bookcases or desks in the bedroom. As long as everything you use has the same accent color, you will have created a very unique bedroom decor.

These are just a few cute dorm room ideas that you can incorporate into your bedroom decor. It doesn’t matter what color schemes or themes you want to create, using these ideas as a springboard will definitely help you achieve the look you desire. With a little bit of effort, you can create a unique bedroom that you will love to come home to every night!