Decorating Teen Boys Bedrooms – 3 Theme Ideas

Are you trying to decorate bedroom for your teenage boys? A great way to start is to speak to your boy about his bedroom. They love to try out new things, make sure you are all in agreement on what they should have in their bedroom.

Decorating bedrooms for teenager boys can be a little tricky, especially if they have really different tastes. Boys and girls have different tastes and preferences when it comes to furniture and décor, check out our exciting theme-based ideas below that will inspire you in designing a “adventurous” space for them.

Make A Special “Boys Room”

As parents, it is important to make sure that we know our teen is comfortable in their room. The arrangement should be as pleasing to them as possible. You can also make the room special by adding things that only they would like in the room. They should also be encouraged to decorate the room according to their taste.

Teenagers like to get attention and share their personality through the design of their room. If your teen has been struggling to create a personal space in his or her room, it is time you encouraged them to do so. Even if it is only a corner or a little space, this space will help him or her express his or her individuality.

It is important that your teen understands the entire process involved in making the best out of his or her room. Make sure you ask them questions about the design of the room. It is also important to involve them in the entire process of designing the room, so that you get their valuable suggestions and ideas.

Sports Theme

Who doesn’t love sports? Here’s a list of sports themes that you can choose from for your little man’s bedroom to help you get a little inspiration to create a cute and comfy bedroom.

A Baseball and Softball themed bedroom would have sports stars, bats, balls, and baseballs. Baseball equipment can also be used as a decor for your boy room. You can use baseball trophies, football helmets, gloves, and bats to decorate his room. You can hang prints on the wall with the two or three players that you find the most interesting and then hang them on the wall. You can also hang them on the ceiling fan if you find them really cool.

NASCAR Racing Bedrooms: If you find the attention to detail in NASCAR very interesting, you can include it in your little boys room as he can play with his cars or race them in the garage. You can decorate the room with furniture and some decors. You can also go with some decorations from the car to the bedroom.

Camouflage Theme

The camouflage look is popular among teenagers, and camouflage bedding is frequently sought after by parents looking to build their Boys’ Camouflage bedding wardrobe. The design allows the kid to make their own imaginative designs and features a closed cell poufy top that comes in a range of colors.

The latest camouflage bedroom design is definitely very useful for every military design lover. The neutral colors of the bedding and accessories can be used to decorate the room with the latest camouflage patterns.

One of the best ways to put the theme to good use is to use a horizontal camouflage wallpaper with the main pattern of the bedroom. You can place the pattern on the ceiling. However, you should know that it is quite difficult to place a pattern on the ceiling. Moreover, you should definitely choose a wallpaper that is vertical, which will change the look of the room completely.

In case you want to add something unique to the decoration of the bedroom, you should consider using a patterned comforter that is brown or blue-colored. Another option is to use camouflage netting on the bed. This will not only add a modern touch to your bedroom but will also give you an opportunity to hang decorations from the net.

Wilderness Theme

With fantasy themes and adventurous names such as Duran Duran Boy’s Room and Fire and Ice Boy’s Room, parents are taking their boys on all sorts of adventures! Animals and nature are the  two major elements in the wilderness theme.

For my boy’s room, I tried to bring the outdoors in a little bit by creating a wall that shows off the tree line and flowers with a large tree mural. This was created using UV paint and chalkboard paint. I also hung some nature decals that are made with natural materials on the wall and I designed a small back yard birdhouse for him to decorate.

With all the little wildlife in the room, I created some hand made figures for him to dress up in his room. I also have a special tiger character that is made from natural materials and is perfect for bedtime. I recently found some cute foam fish decals so I used those to make some fish night lights that hang from the ceiling. They look great when the room is lit up at night.

When you’re designing a boys’ room, keep it simple, yet interesting. With the pandemic going around, this is the best time to work together with your kids to get the best bedroom ideas for your boys or girls based on their tastes and preferences.