Decorating Teen Boys Bedrooms – 3 Theme Ideas

Are you trying to discover a bit of crafting strategies for decorating teen companies bedrooms? A great way to start is speaking to your boy re: his interests and tastes. Perhaps he adores the great outdoors as well as loves hunting, fishing, and camping? What does he notice himself doing as a career? In case he envisions your life inside army, then maybe a camouflage bedroom could be of interest.

Below are actually 3 well-liked bedroom decoration strategies for teen companies bedrooms. Hopefully they are going to be of curiosity for a boy, or perhaps maybe even, hopefully they’ll pay for a bit of inspiration. Speaking of ideas, the complete best place to begin would be considering favorite colors and buy an excellent bedding set which can coordinate making use of the bedroom.

Sports Theme

What teen doesn’t love sports? Depending on your own teenager’s interests you could go having a contemporary or vintage sports teen bedroom theme.

Teen boys bedrooms with a sports theme is easily accomplished by combing your home for old, don’t used sports equipment to produce for the walls or buying some at garage sales or secondhand shops. When it comes to bedding, think about standard denim comforter or even a quilt or cover which has a sports motif.

If your son has any outgrown team jerseys consider turning them into throw pillows. Consider what else you may have around your home that suits in to the theme e.g. old felt pennants, team pictures, trophies etc.

Camouflage Theme

The camouflage look is favored by many teens. A desert paint color for the walls is a great place to begin. These days camouflage bedding also comes in various shades from traditional khaki and tan to blue as well as pink for girls. You should be able to find a pleasant camouflage bed-in-a-bag set for an acceptable price.

A lantern is a great option to a bedside lamp or if you already possess a lamp you would like to reuse, consider adding a clear cardboard shade. Other camouflage decor ideas include hanging some mesh netting, placing some military posters, and adding a decorative shelf of army memorabilia.

Wilderness Theme

Imagine the quiet appeal of the wilderness and try to bring the feel of the truly amazing outdoors inside which has a room theme that includes bears, moose, fish and things natural and rustic.
Plaid flannel bedding and coordinating drapes and window treatments in addition to accessories like old fishing rods, paddles, and fishing nets hung on your own son’s walls will give she or he’s room a cabin-like feel.

Wood furniture especially anything made of pine and decorative accessories just like a shadow box of fishing bait or treasures within nature in addition to photos of outdoor adventures is also another great decor ideas. You can be able to find decorative shelves in the shape of a canoe or outhouse to help bring the design of your wilderness/outdoor bedroom theme together.

Finally, whatever way you may decorate she or he boys room may be easily accented by shopping via reputable trusted online stores like and looking over these products positioned on sites that supply facts about decorating teen boys bedrooms.