Gorgeous Color Schemes For Your Dream Bedrooms

Whether you’re a man or woman, we all want our bedroom to be an oasis of calm. We want to relax, feel safe and be comfortable. I’d guess we all want a quiet place to escape the stresses of the world and a space where we can dream and escape into fantasy.

Deciding on a bedroom color scheme is always a big decision. You should carefully consider the function and suitability of your bedding, the way the walls look against the color of the room and even the quality of the furniture.

Different colors can work for different situations and a color scheme can add a personal touch and keep your living space cool, bright and inviting. We’ve picked few color schemes for different rooms for you to get started with.

Color-Blocked Bedroom

This is the perfect way to go for your bedroom. It’s simple and original and you can switch it up by rotating the décor. You can go with a stripe here or a bedspread or even a very bright and bold rug to brighten up your space.

Contrast Color Scheme

Mixing colors is always a great idea! This look is very cool as it plays with the idea of combining solid and patterned wallpapers. You can find inspiration for this through decor magazines, home design websites or even Pinterest.

Two Tone Effect

Most bedroom walls are usually neutral, which might be OK if you’re monochromatic. But if you’re looking to break away from the monochromatic design trend, this two-tone effect is one of our favorites.

Striped Decoration

Stripes go well with metallic so this is a great way to bring that style into your bedroom. Also the pillows and bedspread will help brighten up your space. A mattress topper, a pillow topper, some bedsheets and a rug. How cool is that?

Neutral Color Palette

Neutrals offer the perfect backdrop for other colors and enhance the space. I love the color combination of a soft gray with a warm, golden, saturated yellow. This color combination makes the room seem bright and airy. The idea of a mid-century style bed with a bright white headboard is not far off from a room this color palette.

Blend Of Colors

Blending different colors is one of the most efficient ways to bring more life to a room. A cool, mellow color like salmon pink can lighten the mood of a room without overpowering it. I like the color combination of a floral wallpaper with a bright grey and pink color palette.

For a more soft and feminine look, you can always try a gray and white color combination. This color combination can go with many colors and styles, and the neutral shades make it easy to mix and match different accessories and objects.

Floral Colors

Flowers bring warmth and greenery to the table, while grey takes away from that feeling and leaves a distinct, calming effect. If you are unsure which colors to choose, this is a great time to try shades of the same color. For example, with a white comforter and a lighter duvet, you can make it work with dark gray, deep red and pink shades.

Bright Color

If you want to make your space feel a little bit more exciting, go for a really bright paint color, or a color combination that’s just a little outside of your norm.  A fresh, light blue color palette goes great with pink, green and white furniture. Paint is one of the best ways to infuse colors into your room, and this color palette does just that. Adding small pops of color in pillows, cushions, rugs and accents will make your space feel more cheerful.