Inexpensive Ways To Add Boho Chic To Your Teenage Bedroom

The beautiful look of Boho chic is the perfect accessory for any girl’s bedroom. This style is all about bright oranges, yellows and bold blues. If you love earth tones, this look is perfect for you. This is the new modern trend that girls everywhere are embracing. There are so many beautiful px with this look, that there are going to be no shortages in your closet.

The colors used in this decorating style are vibrant, exciting and fun… This lends itself nicely to accent colors such as orange, lime green, lime blue and neon green. I would suggest using different or in different rooms. You may want a bold or in the bathroom for a pop of color or a more subtle bold px in the living room to add some pop of color.

One of my favorite Boho chic bedding items is the coral crayon print. This is one of the hottest prints on the market today. My teenage daughter absolutely loves it! It is very funky and bold… It fits well with boys…

If you use blues in your room, you could try using a quilt as an accent. It would give a nice texture and look in the room. I would also suggest coordinating accessories with this style. Using a per flower cushion or mat will make your teen girl feel like she is royalty. If you don’t want to use cushions, having a rug or a stack of throw pillows on her bed is just fine…

Girls love boho chic because they are very feminine… They fit in with nature and have very little fuss involved. This style is all about layering and staying off the formal side. You can layer long sleeve shirt and cardigans for an edgy chic look. Top off with a chunky crystal necklace. I would stay away from wearing jewelry with this outfit.

A few other girls… Add one more accessory and pull it all together…! Use a vintage looking satin belt and you are on the right track. Pair this with a vintage-looking velvet skirt and you have one beautiful looking ensemble.

Girls love boho chic because it is fun and adventurous. It is what their parents want them to be… but what do you really want? Be yourself… it’s OK to experiment a bit. One great thing about boho chic is it is not very expensive… and trust me, you do not need a lot of money to create this look. It is one of those books where you can have fun with colors and textures… but at the same time you don’t overdo it.

If your girl has boho chic tastes, try some of these styles on for size. See how you can use one of these in your teenage bedroom and get the look you always wanted. This is one fashion trend that will not fade.

Remember the little jewelries that girls love… pearls and beaded belts, bangles, silver and copper coins and brooches. You can use a pretty satin ribbon or simply thread a charm on it. To dress it up, you can add some crimps to the ends of the beads or you can leave them natural. This is a fun way to add some “bling” without being too fussy. One fun idea is to add a bunch of small diamonds to a satin ribbon and you will have a beautiful feminine body bracelet.

One more popular style is the flower pin. I love this look because it is cheap, easy to make and looks so stylish. I use small seashells that I bought online in my jewelry box. You can find a ton of different ways to add this “bling” to your jewelry… even though its not the “bling” that is so trendy, it is still a classic boho chic look.

Girls love ethnic perfumes. I especially love the French perfume “Aurora”. You can find it in almost any scent or combination of scents. A really good version of this would be “Aurora Echos de Paris”. It has a strong boho chic smell, with hints of green, spicy sandalwood, vanilla and amber.

These are just a few ideas for your teenage bedroom boho chic style. Use your imagination! You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a great look. You don’t even have to leave your home! With a bit of determination and creativity, you can create your own fabulous boho chic oasis for your girl.