Modern Stylish Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Looking to bring a hint of style and comfort into your home? The stylish shabby chic décor trend is back on the radar. A Shabby Chic bedroom is all about creating a chic space that combines comfort, attitude and effortless glamour.

With a vintage and demure approach to color schemes, furniture and décor, a simple color scheme and monochrome bedding, shabby chic lends itself perfectly to a bedroom. Here are our top five tips to create a glamorous bedroom that’s all the more gorgeous for its shabby chic look.

Where To Shop

Why shop in store when you can shop online for retro style furniture and home accessories? That’s the point of the Shabby Chic Home Shop – to shop for furniture, home accessories and homeware that has a strong vintage appeal.

These luxe and charming pieces are just the thing for creating a fabulous home, says designer and creator of Shabby Chic Home. With its combination of chic, understated styling and a dusky washed-out feel that will never date and is all the more beautiful for it, it’s easy to see how Shabby Chic lends itself to a bedroom.

Shabby Color Scheme

When picking your color scheme, understand that shabby chic normally uses large white, pastels, floral colors and patterns. If you happen to take the mood for painting, pick colors through the green, yellow and baby blue families or you can simply stick to cream white.

You can create a relaxed feel by adding a few welcoming cushions in simple, neutral colors. Adding a modern white sofa with a black velvet pattern and black and white stripes upholstered in a classic checked fabric is a good idea.

Paint The Walls White

Paint the walls white to enhance the pale, cool color scheme and to help retain an airy, inviting feel. A crisp white paint on the walls, a classic white bedhead and thick black curtains.

Bring in reds and browns for a more modern, earthy look. You can add a loose geometric print carpet to the floor and a bold piece of art to add interest. Using mirrored black and white bedside tables can make your room look larger.

Make The Bed Even More Stylish

To make the bed looks great, try put a layer of large cushions on your bed and then sticking in an old-fashioned dressing table to complete the look. Bedding and pillow cases must be of your fabric which is soft but frilly. Lace along with other fabrics with ruffled edges or fringe work well.

Throw a handmade afghan in the foot from the bed. Don’t be deterred from mixing fabrics and patterns, for example, velvet with chiffon and tweed with silk. As long as large scheme blends it’s going to look fantastic.


Lighting sets the mood with your room. Why not try hanging a smaller chandelier over sleep? And if that isn’t your flavor place glass candle holders around your living space or find lamps that have prisms or beads hanging from the shade. All that’s left can be an area rug.

Area Rugs

An area rug can complete your room by giving it the warmth and comfort which you will want. You do not have to use a typical dark, rectangular carpet. You can choose from a variety of rugs which will fit along with scheme.

To maintain your shabby chic theme, pick area rugs which are pastel in color or have a floral print. If you can not find an area rug that suits you, consider having one made to fit your living space and personality perfectly. Additionally, the carpet will not necessarily have to go on the ground.

Area rugs may make excellent tapestries, so think outside the box and it about the wall. This shows real creativity, that can assist add energy to the room. Your bedroom is the place within your home in which you reenergize. It needs to be cozy and warm just for you.