Romantic Bedroom Decorating – Light and Color

romantic bedroom decorating using light and colorThe bedroom is more than the place where you sleep through the night. It is also a palace of love, a lair of beauty and intimacy. When decorating this room, its important to remember to include somewhat passion for the space, which can be accomplished with just easy touches.

The easiest method to spice up a bedroom is by using color. Drab tones for example white and gray tend to make a space feel dull and generic. You should instead try to use dramatic hues to present vigor and luster towards the room. The deeper large, the harder exciting it is.

In addition to the, red tones are particularly great for spicing up the romance of an area. Red is really a tone that creates a genuine physical response in humans, increasing heart rate, raising metabolism, and sometimes even causing you to be hungry. In the bedroom this may be a great way to provide energy as to the might rather be a boring space.

However this should actually be used in combination with caution. If you have sleep problems, or are susceptible to night time snacking, red tones within the bedroom may actually create an atmosphere which will feed your bad habits. If this is true, using a spare group of sheets, pillow cases, and covers, allows you to transform the space on special occasions, and after that switch it back for everyday use.

Lighting is the one other important element for making a romantic bedroom. Something as simple as a dimmer turn on your overhead light can present you with a chance to change a place from your bright, active daytime area, in to a soft, sensual, nighttime romantic spot.

Mood lighting including onyx lamps, and ambient fixtures, can all give rise to making a more subdued, and relaxed atmosphere with this space, without causing you to be totally in the dark.

Romance is about creating an emotion. In bedroom decorating, it’s about evoking a setting that can cause that emotion. This can be accomplished by using light and color, applied strategically throughout space.